Who Is Bill Bryant Anyway?

A former motorcycle and kart racer, I first picked up a camera over 30 years ago. Frustrated by an inability to find a local photographer able to capture the images I wanted to see, and seemingly unable to communicate this in words, I resorted to taking photos to illustrate what I was trying to say. I quickly found I had an affinity with the camera and was soon called upon by fellow competitors to shoot them when I wasn't competing myself. Now, more than three decades later and with the advent and rapid development of digital photography I have further honed my photography skills and abilities to become a respected motorsport photographer.

Whilst motorsport is my first (and enduring) love, having daughters who competed in trampoline gymnastics and equestrian eventing, I have developed a wide range of action sports photography skills. However, not content with merely catching the sporting action, I have created a unique artistic approach to my photography to produce high impact images that tell more of the sporting story. I am now using this approach to produce stand-alone fine art images that you can purchase through this site. Additionally, I provide specialist photography skills for the not-so-fast-moving events, corporate and family functions and portraiture.